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Professional amateur writer in Perth, Western Australia. All accompanying illustrations are my own.

Wilting in the November sun glittering through the leaves of a trendy boutique hotel courtyard in 2013, I glanced upward to meet the glare of my best friend. It was her birthday, or at least her birthday high tea, and she summoned her closest friends to make offerings to her over tiny disappointing sandwiches, liquefied cream filled cakes, and Veuve. At that point we’d been friends for 7 years, I was at the hospital the day she gave birth, she was at my mum’s funeral. …

A harsh perspective on how to do weddings slightly better as told by a divorced cynic.

Congratulations! You’re engaged, you’re drowning in a small pit of debt so you could afford the most instagrammable ring, the engagement party was a really fun migraine and your aunt’s opinions on it have shadowed every discussion you’ve had with your parents since, but at last the first bit is done and out of the way.

Finally, you can take a breath. You’ll probably need it, because here come the unrelenting questions about when the Big Day is going to be and the months of planning an event that essentially lasts no longer than 30 minutes and costs more than…

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Unless You Plan In Advance

Artwork supplied by Lo

So you’ve decided to separate and get a divorce. Congratulations on taking this exciting step in your relationship. Now’s your chance to be Happy Cool Divorce Friends with your spouse, this guide will help you dismantle a marriage that has eroded to the point where you know you have to get out but the reservoir of love hasn’t completely run dry. This won’t help you at all if one of you has been caught lying, cheating, or any situation where the police or fire brigade have been called to your house — the ship has sailed for you, you need…

The Third And Final Instalment Of My Endometriosis Experience, For Now

Almost 6 months after surgery, I attended the last post-surgery follow-up appointment today. It was for gyno physio, and I was told the appointment was to help me understand the way in which the walls of the vagina can be a part of endo pain which would involve the physio physically touching and massaging sections of my vaginal wall.

I’m happy to report that this didn’t happen. Instead, I sat down in a consulting room with a physiologist who asked me about my pain now. My pain now, hmm. These past two months have been relatively pain free, except for…

Part Two of My Experience With Endo

31 December 2018

Today marks 3 months and 25 days since my surgery. I had my 6 week follow-up today.

No, you read that right.

The unfortunate reality of all hospitals, even private ones, is a lot happens in them and sometimes things don’t happen as quickly as they say they’ll happen and are even less likely to happen in a timeframe which you deem acceptable. My advice is to politely hurry things along if you feel the need to, call, email, turn up. Oftentimes you have to take an active role in your own medical care. This time I…

Part One of My Experience with Endo

Like a lot of teenage girls, my period started when I was 14. Immediately it was brutal. Although I didn’t feel any pain I remember the fatigue and the black tar falling out of me endlessly. I vaguely remember mild panic in the house about how much blood I was losing, and how weak it made me. The pain started in subsequent periods and never went away.

I feared my period, it never seemed to leave me. During my first periods it was constant. It wasn’t fresh blood, it was dead blood, like I was mummified on the inside. To…

Mum was readmitted to hospital on Wednesday the 5th of June. She was awake all night, finally calling out to me for help at 5:03am — I remember the time exactly as my bleary eyed brain sat stunned next to mum while she held her stomach and groaned in agony. She was cold to touch.

“Do you want an ambulance, mum?” I asked, as her waves of pain hit her. “I don’t know” she replied. …

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